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Rebel Roses

Long stemmed vintage Rose Bud

Long stemmed vintage Rose Bud

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L:  78cm

Delightful vintage rose buds on long stemmed realistic stems with thorns, perfect for displaying in clear glass vases.

Offer:  Buy 5 and receive one free - please note the extra stem will not show at checkout but will be packed with your order

How Do I Care for Artificial Flowers?

Once a month, consider giving your silk arrangements a gentle breeze of refreshment using your hairdryer on a cool setting, effectively whisking away any dust that has settled. White blossoms especially benefit from this, as they are prone to subtle marks less noticeable on darker hues. Should you discover any such marks, a damp cloth or a delicate swipe of a baby wipe will suffice to restore their pristine condition.

Our more fragile creations—like faux tulips, artificial lilies, and magnolias—ask for a softer touch, but rest assured, a gentle wipe can still effectively remove any blemish.

And let's not forget the vessel that cradles your eternal blooms—the vase. A periodic emptying and gentle wipe-down will maintain its sparkle, elevating the overall allure of your everlasting arrangement. Ah, the minimal fuss for years of lush, undying beauty—now that's the Rebel Roses way.

Can I Cut the Stems?

Absolutely, yes! Tailoring the length of your faux flower stems to suit your vase is a masterstroke in achieving an air of lifelike authenticity. Each stem is ingeniously engineered with an internal wire, making wire cutters your tool of choice for a swift, clean cut. Fret not if wire cutters are out of reach—a robust pair of scissors should serve you well.

For those encountering a spot of resistance, here's a tip: first snip through the plastic outer layer to expose a small section of the internal wire. Give this wire a series of bends back and forth; this simple motion will weaken it sufficiently for an effortless break. Consider this a touch of bespoke crafting to make your everlasting blooms all the more endearing—a perfect flourish in the fine art of faux floral arrangement, courtesy of Rebel Roses.

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